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At Midwest Horsepower, we carry Kohler and Vanguard big block v-twin engines built to run at utmost potential.

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MHP Stainless-Steel Muffler

MHP Stainless-Steel Muffler

Regular price $836.75

MHP Billet Intake

MHP Billet Intake

Regular price $700.36

Base Valve Train Package

Base Valve Train Package

Regular price $304.88

“Started in ‘95, now we here.”

Midwest Horsepower (MHP) may seem like it just popped up out of nowhere, but the only reason we were lucky enough to start this venture in 2018 is from the work started decades ago. In 1995, Julian (Sr) and Cathy Stahl founded Midwest Super Cub (MWSC). Today, MWSC is the country’s largest supplier of garden tractor pulling performance parts. MHP is a branch of MWSC, developing economical power upgrades to engines used in mud boats, XTVs, garden tractors and more. If you’ve got a project in mind, give us a call.

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