Used Go-Devil Surface Drive

Regular price $1,300.00

  • This drive came with a new boat we purchased back in 2019
  • We think it’s a 2011 or 2012 model, somewhere in there 
  • When we purchased it with the boat the dealership said the previous owner only had the drive in the water a couple times and then it mostly sat
  • Since then, we put less than 50 hours on the drive before switching to a custom built Mud Walker surface drive 
  • As far as the condition, nothing major is wrong with it (obviously the normal wear of a mud motor)
  • Add ons include: an idler gear for the belt and a custom hardened shaft with 3/4 hex so you can run pretty much any prop out there
  • Stock components include: a 50 mm belt, 50 mm bottom and top pulleys, stock shaft for threaded props, handle, and the stock Go-Devil 11x12 three blade prop
  • Direct drive setup, NO CLUTCH
  • Fits a Kohler big block (25-27 HP) and Vanguard big block (25-40 HP)