Kohler Carb Roller

Regular price $6,600.00

Our top-of-the-line build for the Kohler 25, the Roller gets its name from its unique roller cam and roller lifters. The Roller also gets a big upgrade to the carb; instead of reworking the Command carb like we do in the Sport and MB50, the Command carb is replaced with a 42 mm Mikuni carb.

The Kohler Carb Roller starts out as a brand new Command PRO CH740 (Kohler's big block v-twin 25 horsepower carb option). We take this engine and replace a number of stock parts with our own parts to drastically improve the performance and reliability of the engine.

This build includes the stock engine with our following parts installed -

  • MHP Forged Crank
  • 42 mm Mikuni Carb with Intake Adapter
  • MHP Billet Roller Cam
  • MHP Reworked Heads with Manley PRO-FLO SS Exhaust and Intake Valves and Heavy Duty Springs
  • MHP Modified Stock Muffler
  • MWSC Cast Intake
  • 1.6:1 Roller Rockers
  • Custom Diamond Pistons
  • MHP Mikuni Velocity Stack
  • MHP Billet Rods and Rod Bearings
  • MWSC Valve Covers
  • Voodoo Ignition Coils and Custom Bracket
  • MWSC Command Air Cleaner Adapter
  • MWSC Roller Lifters with Custom Horizontal Tie Bar
  • K&N Filter with Custom Filter Top and Bottom Plate
  • Replacement Gaskets and Dowel Pins

We build and dyno every engine in-house. A dyno run of this build resulted in 63.0 ft-lbs of torque. Max power was achieved at 4950 RPM.

The list price of this engine includes free shipping and our 3 year warranty. 

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