Kohler EFI Sport

Regular price $5,200.00

For those working on projects with a tight budget, this is the bare minimum we offer in an engine build for this model. Still, this build is sure to "wake up" any Kohler ECH740 or ECH749 engine. 

Our Kohler EFI Sport starts out as a brand new Command PRO ECH740 (Kohler's big block v-twin 26.5 horsepower EFI option). We take this engine and replace some stock parts with our own parts to improve the performance and reliability of the engine.

This build includes the stock engine with our following parts installed - 

  • MHP Reworked Heads with Manley PRO-FLO SS Exhaust and Intake Valves
  • MHP 39 mm Injector Throttle Body
  • MHP Modified Stock Muffler
  • MWSC 4000 Cam with Hydraulic Lifters
  • K&N Filter with Custom Filter Top
  • Replacement Gaskets and Dowel Pins

We build and dyno every engine in-house. A dyno run of this build resulted in 50.5 ft-lbs of torque. Max power was achieved at 4400 RPM. 

The list price of this engine includes free shipping and our 3 year warranty. 

Email sales@midwesthorsepower.com for any other questions and we'll get back to you promptly. Have a great day!