MHP Vanguard EFI

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Our MHP Vanguard EFI build starts out as a brand new, stock 40.0 Gross HP Marine engine. This engine is the largest offered in Vanguard's V-Twin Big Block line and was designed with a block much stronger than the Vanguard 37. The efi improves efficiency and saves all the fuel headaches. As with all of our builds, it runs on premium gasoline (91 octane and up; no racing fuel required).
We then install the following - 
  • MHP Billet Crank
  • MHP SS Muffler
  • 308 Dyno Cam
  • MHP Billet Intake for EFI
  • MHP Billet Throttle Body
  • MHP Reworked Heads with Manley PRO-FLO SS Exhaust and Intake Valves and Heavy Duty Springs
  • Custom Diamond Pistons
  • MHP Valve Covers with Custom Breather
  • MHP Billet Rods with Rod Bearings
  • Roller Rockers
  • DLC Coated Lifters
  • 5/16" Chrome Moly Push Rods
  • K&N Filter with Custom Filter Top
  • Replacement Gaskets and Dowel Pins

    Dyno results of our MHP Vanguard EFI build - 

    • Horsepower from 49.9 to 75.4 hp
    • Torque from 65.7 to 85.8 ft-lbs