MHP Vanguard Carb

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The MHP Vanguard Carb build starts out as a brand new, stock 25.0 Gross HP engine. This engine starts Vanguard's Big Block V-twin line and was recently re-designed with a stronger block. As with all of our builds, it runs on premium gasoline (91 octane and up; no racing fuel required).
We then install the following - 
  • MHP Billet Crank
  • MHP SS Muffler
  • 308 Dyno Cam
  • MHP Billet Intake for Single Carb
  • 42 mm Mikuni Carb with Intake Adapter
  • MHP Reworked Heads with Manley PRO-FLO SS Exhaust and Intake Valves and Heavy Duty Springs
  • Custom Diamond Pistons
  • MHP Valve Covers with Custom Breather
  • MHP Mikuni Velocity Stack
  • MHP Billet Rods and Rod Bearings
  • Roller Rockers
  • DLC Coated Lifters
  • Voodoo Ignition Coils and Custom Bracket
  • 5/16" Chrome Moly Push Rods
  • K&N Filter with Custom Filter Top
  • Replacement Gaskets and Dowel Pins

Dyno results of the MHP Vanguard Carb - 

  • Horsepower from 27.2 to 73.2 hp
  • Torque from 54.9 to 91.1 ft-lbs